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Sales and Excise - Sales / Use Tax Forms

  • All forms supplied by the Division of Taxation are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Adobe Acrobat document format
  • To have forms mailed to you, please call (401) 574-8970
  • Items listed below can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate column heading

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Sales and Excise - Sales / Use Tax Forms
Document Description File Download
ABF 1 Alcoholic Beverage Import Service Fee Return Download
ABT 2 Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Tax Return Download
BAR Sales and Withholding Tax Registration Form Download
C-REF-SU Claim for Refund - S/U Tax on Casual Purchase of Motor Vehicle Download
Refund Application Claim for Refund - Sales/Use Tax Download
Q204 Sales/Use Tax Return - Quarterly Download
SP-1 Promoter's Application for Permit Download
SP-3 Monthly Report of Show Promoter Download
T-204/T-204R Sales/Use Tax Return - Monthly with Reconciliation Download
T-204CIG Sales Tax Return for Cigarette Retailers Download
T-204(MV)/T-204(MV)R Motor Vehicle Dealer Sales/Use Tax Return with Reconciliation Download
T-204R-EFT Sales/Use Tax Return - Quarterly Reconciliation Form For EFT Filers Download
T-205 Consumer's Use Tax Return Download
Affidavit - Gift of M.V. Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle Download
Affidavit - Regular Reg. Affidavit - Regular Registration of Demonstrators by Motor Vehicle Dealer Download
Contractor's Exemption Contractor's Exempt Purchase Certificate Download
Exemp. - Hazardous Waste Exemption Certificate - Hazardous Waste Download
Exemp. - Pollution Treatment Exemption Certificate - Pollution Treatment Equipment and Supplies Download
Farm Exemption Application for Certificate of Exemption for Farm Equipment Download
Fishermen Exemption Commercial Fishermen Exemption Certificate Download
Manuf. Exemption Manufacturer's Exemption Certificate Download
Permit Renewal Retail Sales Permit Renewal Application Download
Permit Application Application for Permit to Make Sales at Retail Download
Quarterly Application Application for Permission to File Sales/Use Tax Return Quarterly Download
Refund Application Claim for Refund - Sales/Use Tax Download
Resale Certificate Resale Certificate Download
Resale Cert.(Wholesale) Resale Certificate - Wholesale Download
R & D Exemption Research and Development Exemption Certificate Download
Sales Tax Rates Sales Tax Rates Download
S/U Tax Exemption Application for Exemption for Exempt Organization from S/U Tax Download
S/U Tax Exemption - GSA Exemption certification for US and RI Government purchases Download
Interstate Exemption Affidavit of Truck, Trailer/Bus in Interstate Commerce Download
Litter Application Application for Litter Control Participation Permit Download
Form AMP Application for Materialman to Remit Sales Tax Under "Pay when paid" Method Download
Form AAW Application for Sales Tax Exemption for Artistic Works Download