APRA Requests

The purpose of the Access to Public Records Act ("Act") is to facilitate public access to public records. The Act requires agencies and public bodies to provide access to public records. The definition of what constitutes a public record and what records are not public under the Act, the time frames in which records are to be produced, the costs charged for obtaining copies of records, and the right to appeal a denial of access to records are just some of the issues addressed in the various provisions of the Act. RI General Law Chapter 38-2

Online Submission

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Offline Forms

The forms below may be used to make a request for records from each of the divisions within the Department. These forms are provided for convenience only. You do not have to use the forms in making a request. Your request can be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Department. If you have any questions about the forms or the process for accessing a public document maintained by the Department, please call the division-specific telephone number listed below.

Division of Lottery
  • Phone: (401) 463-6500
  • Fax: (401) 463-5669
Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Phone: (401) 462-4368
  • Fax: (401) 462-5784
Division of Municipal Finance
  • Phone: (401) 574-9900
  • Fax: (401) 574-9912
Office of Revenue Analysis
  • Phone: (401) 574-8999
  • Fax: (401) 574-8997
Division of Taxation
  • Phone: (401) 574-8922
  • Fax: (401) 574-8917