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State of Rhode Island - Department of Revenue

Rosemary Booth Gallogly

Rosemary Booth Gallogly is the Director of Revenue for the State of Rhode Island.  She is responsible for the overall management of the Division of Taxation, Office of Revenue Analysis, Division of Municipal Finance, Division of Motor Vehicles and the State Lottery Commission. She is responsible for the administration and evaluation of State revenue policies and practices, administer the lottery system efficiently, ethically and in the most cost-effective manner; fiscal oversight of municipal governments, implementation and modernization of the new DMV Modernization System as well as renovation of the new DMV Main Office facility. 

Prior to her March 2010 appointment as Director of the Department of Administration and Acting Director of Revenue, she served as Budget Officer for the State of Rhode Island for nine years.  She began in the Budget Office in 1980 starting as an Assistant Budget Analyst Trainee and has served under five Governors.  She attended Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island and graduated in 1980 with high distinction from the University of Rhode Island with a concentration in finance.  She received her Masters in Business Administration in 1985 from the University of Rhode Island. In 1998, Rosemary received the Robert M. Goodrich Distinguished Public Service Award from the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council.

Rosemary served as the Deputy Budget Officer from 1991-2001, and was responsible for the day-to-day management of the State Budget Office.  As the Budget Officer, she was responsible for providing information and advice to the Governor concerning state finances; coordinating the development of the Governor’s recommendations for the operating and capital budgets; and supervising a staff of seventeen professional staff in the production of the budget documents, appropriation bills, and interim reports.  She acted as a liaison with the Office of the State Controller on financial reporting and control matters.  Rosemary had worked for many years coordinating the capital budget process, including the preparation and execution of debt transactions.  She served on the State Retirement Board for many years.

She also serves on the State Investment Commission, the Public Finance Management Board, the Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation, and other boards and commissions.  Rosemary is well recognized as an authority on Rhode Island’s public finances by rating agencies, investment bankers, bond counsels, and other public finance professionals.

Rosemary served as President of the National Association of State Budget Officers in 2004-2005, served as Director for the Eastern Region on multiple occasions and was the recipient of the Gloria Timmer Award July 2007.

Rosemary Booth Gallogly

Rosemary Booth Gallogly